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Large Bubble Wands

  • $8.99

Simply mix the bubble solution with 4 ounces of water when you are ready to play with bubbles. PERFECT FOR ANY PARTY OR OCCASION: Whether its for your son or daughters birthday party favors, a casual fun weekend at the park, bachelorette party favors, or even bubbles for a wedding, these extra large bubble wands by Toy Life are perfect! These bubble sticks will make an incredible amount of fun bubbles to make your party special. SAFE: These bubble wands come with environmentally and non-toxic bubble solution. PHYSICAL PLAY EVERYDAY: PLAY60 is the movement to get kids to play outside and do physical activities at least 60 minutes per day. This jumbo bubble wand 8 pack is the perfect outdoor toy for kids. Give them a wand and have them chase their bubbles. Play games and see who can catch the most bubbles. Have fun!

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